Getting Skincare Right

I don’t often write posts about skincare however, I felt the need to share my recent experience of Facetheory and how I improved my dry and irritated skin. The further in to my 30s I got, the more I noticed my skin changing. Make-up didn’t sit on my skin well, my pores were very noticeable and to be honest, I just felt like my skin was becoming dry, patchy and irritable.

I have never been one to spend hours and hours in front of the mirror and my skincare routine has always been simple. As a teen, I didn’t really suffer from acne or spots; of course I got the occasional one though. However, the further into my 30s I got, the worse my skin became. I began suffering with what I believe to be hormonal acne on my chin. These sore pimples would sit under my skin for weeks before coming out and the red ‘scaring’ lasts for months. This is when I began using Nip + Fab Glycolic Cleansing Fix. While this has helped control my outbreaks, I feel it’s been really harsh on my skin too.

Facetheory to the Rescue!

Having tried multiple different moisturisers to help over the past few months, I finally came across Facetheory. Not only did Facetheory claim to be the right mix of science and nature, they also believe that beauty should be cruelty-free and vegan which I certainly liked about them. (There was also a decent discount running which also helped!)

How I picked the right products

I always feel totally overwhelmed at all the products on offer so when Facetheory offered to build my routine by answering a few questions, I figured I’d give it a go. Firstly I entered my age range and then told them that I preferred to keep my routine as simple as possible. I described my skin and picked the areas I was mostly concerned with, answered a couple of other questions and the results were emailed to me within seconds.

I ended up buying four products:

  • Vitamin C Cream Cleanser
  • Ceraquench Renewal Cream
  • Regenacalm Serum
  • Relaxing Night Cream

I have been using these products for the past month and I have to say, I’m really impressed. I didn’t hold out too much hope but I have really noticed a difference. My skin feels soft and most importantly not irritable anymore. I’ve noticed my pores are tighter and less congested, my acne scarring has reduced and overall my skin just looks brighter. I’m so happy with these products, I just had to rave about them.

While both the day and night cream are lovely, my favourite products so far have to the Regenacalm Serum and the Vitamin C Cream Cleanser. I have used cream cleansers before but they’ve always left me feeling like my pores are mor clogged after a couple of weeks use. This cleanser actually feels as though it’s removing the dirt from my skin. My skin is left feeling fresh and clean but without being too dry or tight.

My Favourite

The Regenacalm Serum is so lovely to use. It dissolves into my skin without feeling greasy or heavy. It is by far the best serum I have used to date. I can’t be 100% sure (as I’ve only ever used all the products together) but it feels like this is the product that has made the most difference to my skin.

Finding a new skincare regime has really helped to improve my overall complexion and more than that, my self-confidence.

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