Top Tips for Creating a Luxury Living Room

Want a Simply Luxurious Living Room?

The living room is the heart of our home, like many, and that is why we are looking at ways to create a luxury living space the whole family can enjoy. We have lived in our home for coming up to four years now. We haven’t done an awful lot to it because the children were young. However, as time goes on, I feel more of a need to update it and create that beautiful and luxurious room without compromising on functionality. But how can this be achieved?

Colour Scheme

Choosing a colour scheme might be the most important part when it comes to designing your luxury living room. I’m completely in love with blue and grey as well as blue and dusky pink. LuxDeco have some lovely colour charts you can use for inspiration.

If you go for a bluish grey and use statement pieces to add a pop of colour, you will be well on your way to creating a luxurious space you will want to relax in.


Aside from the colour scheme, the flooring is equally as important. If you don’t get the right flooring for your look, your room won’t feel complete. The Amtico Company have a range of flooring from your Parquet floor, luxury vinyl and Amtico Form which are inspired by the textures of artisan embossed wood but with a natural contemporary classic finish.

Statement Furniture

With any room, it’s important that you enjoy being in it and one way you can add luxury as well as a touch of your own personality is through a statement piece of furniture. You can express yourself with a statement chair by either going for a pop of colour or a distinctive shape. Whatever you choose, it will make your home uniquely yours and will offer an eye-catching element to your design.

Statement Furniture

If you’re looking for your statement piece to really stand out, you need to consider your focal point. Make it big, like a sofa or chair and play around with its positioning. Sometimes a shuffle around can really make a huge difference to a space. Even if you are going big, remember to keep scale in mind. Only go as big as your room permits and don’t match it up with fragile and dainty furniture as it will likely look out of place.


Sometimes big and bold might not be what you’re going for, especially with large items such as your sofa. But there are other ways you can add luxury and that’s with accessories. Think about swapping your pillows for some with a contrasting colour and texture. Add colour through fabric which you can easily change if you decide to redecorate.

Artificial flowers or plants can also add some life and colour to your room. Go for more expensive and realistic looking plants though. Amara offer some beautiful orchids and they also have a range of stunning pots and planters too.


Lighting can sometimes be overlooked in a room but getting the right lighting can set the perfect mood for your room. A combination of ceiling lamps and floor or wall lamps can give you the right light as well as the perfect look.



Lastly, no room would be complete without some art on the walls. Whether you go for family pictures or a statement piece, you need to be mindful about where you hang your art work. The height of your art is likely to be the main issue when it comes to hanging your pictures. There are so many things to consider like eye line, not having the top of the frame in-line with the door frame or window frame – who knew there were so many things to consider? Kate Watson from Mad About The House has a great piece on how to hang art in your home which is a great read full of tips.


So as I said earlier, even if you have young children, you shouldn’t have to compromise with your luxury living. So how can you get around the dilemma of having all their paraphernalia in the room when they are young? Well, get creative and think about clever storage. You  want to have storage that is useful and actually holds things but at the same time looks stylish and hides all the toys away at the end of the day. Sideboards might be the way forward for you or you might look into hidden storage under window seats. There are lots of options available depending on your style but for the luxury look, you’ll want something you can keep the clutter hidden away!

So there you have it. How to create a luxury living room in your home, even if you have kids! Why not check out my post on how to make the most of a small room for even more handy tips!

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