Making the Most of Small Rooms

Making the Most of Small Rooms Isn’t as Hard as It May Seem

In all three of the homes we’ve lived in, there has always been one room which has felt small and sometimes cramped. So what can you do to make small rooms feel bigger and maximise the space you have?

Use Light Colours on the Walls and the Floor

If you use light colours on the walls and floor, you will help the light to reflect in the room making it feel brighter, lighter and more airy. White will help keep the room from looking busy and cluttered.

Modern Minimalist Bedroom

Use Hidden Storage or Multi-Purpose Items

Depending on the room, you can be inventive and ensure that your furniture works for you. Made have a super lift top coffee table which doubles as a desk! Not only can you hide all your work clutter away and keep it safe in one place, but it looks fantastic too.

Make Use of High Shelves

By lifting the shelves up towards the ceiling, not only are you making use of all the space in the room, but you are also creating the illusion of space too. You can use this to store items you don’t use daily and make a feature out of it. If you want to hide things away, use colourful and interesting boxes to store things. Alternatively, create a wave of books or a rainbow of colours from your objects.


Instantly create the illusion of more space with mirrors. If you place a mirror across from a window, you will reflect the light and create a feeling of space.

If you’re looking to make the best of a small bedroom, think about space-saving beds. For young children, cabin beds or mid sleeper beds offer them comfort and practicality of having additional storage included.

Don’t simply squeeze the bed up against the smallest wall, this will make the room feel cramped. Instead, put it up against a larger wall and pull away from the wall slightly to allow the feeling of space.

If it’s for an adult, look for beds without the bulky bed frame. Instead opt for a simple modern headboard to finish the look of your bed.


Embrace Minimalism

Maybe quite an obvious one here, but if you are limited with space, perhaps it’s time to consider what you actually need to keep! Can you ditch a few items? Do you need all the ornaments you’ve been collecting for years? If you want to keep them but don’t have to display them, use sleek and contemporary built in additional storage units.

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