Add a Statement Wall

Ever Thought You Need a Statement Wall in Your Home?

With a planned extension coming in the very near future, I’ve been hunting for inspiration for a large kitchen. Of course, with apps like Pinterest, more and more of us are carefully planning our renovations and redecorating ideas months in advance and I’m no exception. I’ve spent hours trawling the internet for the perfect colour schemes and design ideas along with interior inspiration.


A lovely blogger, Donna, recently completed her kitchen extension and has posted some beautiful pictures of her new room and documented the transformation. The thing that caught my eye the most about her new kitchen was the gorgeous feature wall. This large brick-effect wall creates a stunning statement and works really well in the large open space. I would certainly consider something like this in my new space if we have enough light coming into the room.


UK feature walls offer a range of different colour bricks to ensure they match your décor perfectly. All of the brick effect tiles have a realistic look and feel to them. The brick tiles offer a traditional and homely look without the pain of having to get the bricks laid. Instead they are very easy to install and tiler, builders or even avid DIY-ers should be able to use them with ease. They could even be used outside if you wanted them to!

There are currently 9 different coloured tiles to choose from. You could choose from Grey and Graphite brinks for a more contemporary look or if you’re going for a more industrial look, you could choose the white brick. My favourite are the Old Natural Light Brick. They just seem so homely.

Statement Wall

Even though all the bricks will be the same size, the brick impressions and grooves on the surface are all different, just like actual bricks. This ensures the tiles look realistic and add to the whole effect of the wall.

When we built our conservatory in our previous house, I was insistent that we had a brick finish on the inside instead of plaster. This meant that the brickwork took a lot longer for the builders to complete and was also more expensive. Had I known about these brick effect tiles, I would have certainly used these instead.

Statement Wall


Creating a statement doesn’t mean that you have to have bright and bold colours, you don’t even need to have exaggerated key pieces, something as simple as these brick tiles can give you the statement look without being over the top.

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