The Importance of Printing Photos

Recently I went to find my hard drive full of photos including those from our honeymoon. There were hundreds, if not thousands of photos on there. However, the hard drive is nowhere to be found. I’ve had the house turned upside-down and back again but I cannot find this drive anywhere. It’s only now that I have rediscovered the importance of printing photos.


I can’t say how just gutted I am without sounding like I’ve lost my mind a little but I really am devastated that these photos are now gone. The only images we have are the low-resolution selection we uploaded to Facebook 9 years ago. While I’m pleased to have at least these, it doesn’t detract from the feeling of loss over the rest of our images.

While I know they are only photos and our memories are much more important, I wanted to share our adventures with the children. While we can tell them stories and show a few snaps, it somehow doesn’t feel the same. I wish I had remembered the importance of printing photos instead of relying on digital copies.

Printing Pictures

So why did I go hunting for the pictures in the first place? Well it occurred to me that we had stopped printing pictures. We used to print hundreds of photos and put them into albums, especially after holidays and special events. We have hundreds of baby pictures of Isabella, lots but not as many of Benjamin and then all our other photos are stored ‘in the cloud’!

I wanted to get some pictures and frame them for the new extension but then it occurred to me to print more and have them in albums for the children to be able to look at.

Print and Sort

I must have printed around 300 (I went to Jessops because I think their print quality is excellent). Some were for my frames but most were for albums. I spent an evening sorting the various pictures into a timeline and then putting them all into albums. It was very satisfying. In a way, I much preferred it to creating a photobook online (I find they can be so time consuming and some of the pictures always come out small).

Get Talking

The next morning, the children were sat on the sofa and were leafing through the photo albums. They were remembering all the ‘things’ that they had done, the snow days from last February, the summer fun in the paddling pool, play dates and just photos of them. It was actually really lovely hearing them recount their memories of these events. It made me realise how important picture, physical pictures, are for them.

We must take thousands of photos on our devices. I love how easy taking photos has become but it makes me wonder if we are losing the value behind them slightly? What do we ever do with the thousands of pictures on our camera roll? I have decided to make more of an effort to print photos so that the children can look through them whenever they like. I loved the way it brought them together and opened up discussion. There is so much value in taking and telling stories and I really feel photos can help us do this.

Do you have lots of photos printed or are you one to store them in the cloud somewhere?

I love taking photos of our trips and days out especially. If you’d like to see where we’ve been recently, take a peek here.

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