Make Your Bathroom Shine

Bathrooms can often be uninspiring but it doesn’t have to be that way. The plain and minimalist look with clean lines and no clutter in sight sounds like a dream but can often be hard to maintain (especially if you like your cosmetics!). They can be a little lack lustre, which is why I’ve started looking at ways you can create a luxury bathroom without spending too much money.

While bathrooms can be expensive to redecorate (it’s the second most expensive room aside from the kitchen!), especially if you are choosing a new bathroom suite too, there are things you can do to suit all budgets.

If you’re looking for minimal methods to revamp your tired tiles and bring a bit of luxury glamour to your tub, you could easily change the wall tiles for something with a bit of a shimmer or a sparkle to it. Depending on your budget, you can splash out on expensive tiles or even use stick on tiles or glass splash backs.



Floors can also have a huge impact on your bathroom. Adding a feature floor can change the entire look of your bathroom and make it a luxury bathroom you could be proud to show off. However, ff you’re not looking to take your floor to new levels, why not bin the drab bath mat and instead opt for an opulent Persian rug instead? You can choose from gorgeous designs and colour and unlike the traditional bath mat, they won’t end up looking unkempt and tired after just a week!


Mirrors instantly add light and luxury to any room. They are also a sure-fire way you can instantly glam up your bathroom walls and create a feature everyone will be talking about. Avoid bog standard bathroom cabinets with mirrors on, and instead choose a mirror with personality. Large bold mirrors will instantly make your bathroom something to talk about.



Copper seems to be everywhere at the moment so why not keep your bathroom tidy with some cute copper accessories. By choosing to accessories with colour, you can easily change them over when you fancy another revamp without having to spend a small fortune. You could get some little copper pots to hold your earbuds, a copper soap dish to add that bling and even some copper wire plant pots for the windowsill. Your light fitting, or even the thread through your blinds, could have an element of copper to it.

Copper Accessories

Or have you thought about a statement wall? You can make a huge impact by revamping just one wall! If you have the space, plants can really add some colour and life to you bathroom. A gorgeous orchid or an aspidistra would work really well in this humid environment.

Whatever you choose to do, do it with flare! You don’t have to spend a lot to update your bathroom, you just need to plan it! If you’ve found this informative, I’ve written many other posts on interiors here.

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