Fun Family Days Out

Looking For Fun Family Days Out?

When it comes to taking the kids out for a day of fun, the only way to make sure it goes to plan and stays as cheap as possible is to be well prepared. It is a good idea to start planning now, so plan which days you have off, and if you have the whole of the summer off, choose which days you’re going to have days out.

A Day at Your Local Zoo

Most children love a day out at the zoo and if you have a good one near you then it can also be a valuable educational experience. From getting to meet your child’s favourite animals, to finding out more about their natural habitat and history, there is plenty of fun to be had at the zoo. We recently visited Paradise Wildlife Park and had a wonderful day out although I would definitely take a packed lunch if you are trying to keep costs down. You can check out my full review to see what we thought.

Local Zoo

Nature Trails

If you are trying to keep costs down but you want to get some fresh air, then nature trails can be great fun. Encouraging the kids to spend more time outdoors and do a bit more exercise can do wonders to our moods too. Do some research and find some really interesting trails and take a picnic along to make a full day of it. You can get children into the habit of walking and hopefully help to shape their style of lifestyle for the future, in a world that involves so much sitting and being inactive.

Nature Trails
Nature Trails

Bike Rides

Another day infused with exercise could be a bike ride for all of the family. If you are worried about safety then head to a place where there are some good cycle tracks so there is no danger of cars or other risks. There are plenty of great routes that are away from roads so you and your family can pedal in safety – along the coast, through parks and plenty of other exciting places.

Bike Rides


We’ve had some lovely days out at some local museums, especially the Natural History Museum. There are plenty of museums that have invested a lot of money in making them more relevant and enjoyable for the younger generations. Have a look at some exhibitions that are coming up at your local museum or take the train into the city and see which museums are more child-orientated. Museums can also be a great way to encourage your child’s natural curiosity and foster a love of learning – something which can be particularly useful for helping children with autism or learning difficulties develop their interests outside the classroom.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum in both London and Oxford are wonderful and full of interest for the children. I love that we can get to both on the train and then walk to the museum. If you’re going with small children the museum in Oxford is more tactile and they can touch more of the exhibits. It’s also not as busy so might be a better option for a first try.

Theatre/Local Shows

A trip to the theatre is a lovely way to spend the day as a family and if you do not want to spend a lot of money on theatre tickets then take a look at shows that are taking place in venues nearby. There are loads of great amateur dramatic groups that put on fun shows throughout the school holidays and you do not have to sit so far away from the stage that you cannot see what is happening!


Picnic at the Park

If the weather is good, why not pack a picnic, take plenty of supplies and head off to your local park. We recently spend the day at our local park with friends. I loved that it felt like a real fun packed day out but we were right round the corner, had access to re-fill water bottles and get ice-pops too! Good weather, fab friends and a picnic rug are literally all you need! We took a few of the children’s favourite toys and the scooters and they were happy for hours.

Scooters in the Park
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