Do you ever sit there and just think you need a good declutter?

Your home is your sanctuary but sometimes it can get a little cluttered and feel a little chaotic. So, why not make some money while you’re clearing the clutter. Get yourself in the right headspace, put on some music and get busy.


The first thing you should do when you are getting ready to declutter is get some boxes. You will need to sort your items into sell, donate and bin. If you get yourself some big clear boxes (or whatever you have to hand) you can really quickly work your way through a room at a time. Not all items will be hot sellers so you might want to donate them just to clear them from your house.

If you find decluttering hard because you just can’t get rid of things, have someone else help you. They can be objective and help to keep you focused. They can really help you think about whether the item is sentimental or just gathering dust.

Leave to one side

If you know you definitely want to sell your items, you can skip this step. However, if you’re on the fence, keep all your items boxed hidden in a room for a week or two. If after this time you don’t miss the items, you can get to selling and making some money.

Clean and sparkle

It can be really tempting to try and upload photos of items as quickly as possible to start making money. However, by taking the time to clean up any items before taking photos will help you to maximise your profits. Remember the old saying of one man’s trash is another man’s treasure might well be true but if your item looks like it’s seen better days, people might not be interested.

Once sparkling and clean, find a suitable place to take your photo. Ideally, you want a clear, uncluttered background and take your photos in natural light. The better the photo, the more interest your items are likely to get.

Where to sell?

You are spoilt for choice with places that you can sell on the internet these days. Before you simply add your items to auction sites such as eBay, think about additional costs that might be incurred. You will have to package and ship your items when selling on many sites like eBay as well as paying seller fees. However, if you can sell locally, you can get people to collect directly from your home and avoid paying any packaging or selling fees. Places like Facebook Marketplace or local Facebook selling groups are great for local sales.

Hard to sell?

If you’ve got items that might be hard to sell, like generic clothes for example, consider donating them. For well worn clothes, consider giving to a recycling scheme. For clothes in good condition but perhaps unlikely to sell well, think about giving to a charity shop. You can help charities raise vital funds as well as decluttering your house.

Sit back and smile

Once you’ve gone through every room in your home, you’ll be able to sit back and relax with a smile on your face and a few extra pounds in your pocket. Not only will you now feel clearer and clutter free, you might even have made enough money to treat yourself!

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